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Collaborating with people who have a direct lived experience of using mental-health and wellbeing support services, Ashford Place is developing an online interactive platform called ‘Brent Wellbeing Hub’.

Brent Well being Directory

Brent Well being Directory is a directory implemented by individuals who have lived experience of mental health challenges and have worked together to launch this website in 2022 with the support of Brent Health Matters. It is currently funded by Ashford Place Community Centre and is organised by a team of service users.

During COVID members of the Brent Changing Mindsets Group highlighted the need for the provision of Mental Health Services information within the Borough of Brent. It was recognised by the Brent Changing Mindsets Group that this information should be clear, accessible and relevant.


The Brent Well being Directory evolved from this and continues today as a useful resource for information for and by the community. We want to continue our progression to maintain building a directory that helps individuals navigate their way through the Mental Health system to find services that are tailored for each individual’s needs.


The directory provides information on various relevant services, events and other resources all of which are submitted to the website team by contributors who have sole responsibility for keeping their organisation’s entry on the website up to date. We want the Brent Well being Directory to be a one stop shop that provides information on mental health services, events, plus resources for both residents and health care professionals alike. Our team of service users are responsible for managing the site but do need your help, so let us come together and work with one another to make this happen.


We welcome your views both on the content of the information that is provided but also the way in which the information is formatted so that it is accessible, current, and beneficial to all users in Brent. If you would like to recommend a service or event for this directory, then please click on the following “Make a recommendation box” at the foot of the homepage and our team will then review your submission and provide feedback to you. If your organisation is represented on the website and you need to update further information, then please let us know by emailing xxxx at the following email address. As we understand that not everyone is digitally able, we ask those that are not to contact your nearest mental health organisation who may be able to print information that you require from the website.

The Brent Well being directory is a work in progress and will evolve with your support and suggestions for content.


Ashford Place does not take responsibility for the accuracy or currency of information provided on the website but is happy to continue to support the running of the directory in collaboration with the wider community.

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